Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another test

I took another test with some better pee.
The line came up within 2 mins and it does have color.

BUT, I also took an FRER. I thought it was more sensitive, so it would really show the line well. Nope, it was a BFN. So I'm not sure what to think. Is the IC more sensitive? Is it just a faulty test? *shrugs*

I'm excited, but trying to keep it under control since if it's not faulty, then it could still be the trigger shot.

Symptoms so far today.
Lightheaded & I'm getting more frequent dizzy spells.
Was getting some hot flashes earlier, but those seem to have gone away.
Also getting some very slight cramps down there. Seem to be occuring in the middle towards the right. Yesterday the twinges and things I felt was more on my left side. Not really near the O area though.

Really can't wait for tomorrow to see what the test does next. Hopefully get darker!

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