Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 4?

Day 4 of Power 90 down..... a ton more to go.
I'm really pooped out today. Took a while to get to sleep.
I went to bed, got up 10mins later b/c I finally remembered the song I wanted to get to get on itunes so had to get it before I forgot again.
Then I went back to bed, and our dog that sleeps in the bed with us had awful dog farts and with the way we have the fans set up in the room, it all gets blown straight up my nose. So I had to turn the other way so my head is now where my feet usually are. It's comfy though and I did fall asleep quickly.

I had a big lunch today. It was a korean dish called soondubu jigae. It's a spicy soft tofu stew. A lot of calories, but all from good healthy stuff. I was really craving it so had to make some lol. Lunches for the rest of the week will probably just consist of yogurt and maybe a granola bar or something.

Exercise today was good. I did the cardio stuff again. Felt good doing it. Those knee lifts though man... they kill my hip/thigh area.
I also did most of the abs. I still can't do the really hard ones, like the bicycle, full body crunch etc. I did about 60 various crunches though so yay.
I did do them on the couch. Laying on the floor really hurts my back, so I thought maybe try it on the couch and it worked. I could do the crunches a lot better and it hurt like hell, but in that good exercise kind of way lol.


unaffected said...

Keep it up! You have motivated me to burn a copy of my friend's p90x dvds. :)

LisaL said...

Yay :D We actually have P90X as well, but I haven't even watched it lol. All the things I've read said that it's REALLY intense and difficult and I'm nowhere near to being able to do anything that's described as that heh.
Good luck with it though! Tell me how it is whenever you start!