Wednesday, June 23, 2010

P90 done..

Took my shower and ate my lunch. Now I just want to go die on the couch.
The exercising was good, but I slept like shit last night. Just could not stay asleep for anything and couldn't get to sleep even though I was dozing off at the computer.
My head just feels so fuzzy right now from lack of sleep.

I had to ease up a little the first part of the workout. Felt a headache coming on before I started, so took some tylenol about 10mins before. Felt like the headache was going to get worse, but it went away thankfully so I didn't have to stop.
Tried out a few more moves. I still can't do a lot of the stretching or te power yoga, but I did some more jumping jacks, and did these other hopping around things. Really gets your heart going.

I could only do about 54 crunches. The regular ones were ok, but dropping the legs to the sides, it started hurting. Then when I started doing another one, it felt like my abs, the ones kinda in the middle, but more towards my boobs... felt like I was getting a charlie horse when doing the crunches. I stretched out and the feeling went away, but when I started to do more, the feeling came back so I decided not to press my luck.

I really do like the feeling exercise brings. Just an overall good feeling. And I'm happy I'm sticking with it. I just wish I enjoyed exercising. I still don't. I'm more tolerant of doing it now lol, but I still don't like it... at all.


unaffected said...

Lol, at least you are tolerant of it! The best is to see the number on the scale lowering tho. I saw you said something about not weighing yourself every day... You should just pick one day a week to be your weigh-in day! That way it will be exciting to see how much you've dropped every Sunday or w/e day you choose!

I burnt the copies of P90x today, so I think I may start tonight or tomorrow a.m. before work... we'll see! I'm nervous!

LisaL said...

Heh Good luck starting P90X! I've heard it's pretty intense though! Tell me how it is :D

Yeah, I think I'll just weigh in every Weds. I just have to remember this and resist the urge to step on the scale heh