Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whew... ok

So I'm feeling better now that I've cried it all out. I'm still really bummed, but I don't feel like ripping DH's face off any longer and don't feel like crying in a corner.

I'm trying to get myself pumped up to start exercising. I'm starting tomorrow.
Read that with large cysts, it's best not to do really vigorous exercises b/c it can cause your ovary to twist or something? *shrugs*
Not sure how big they meant, but I'm going to keep that in mind and mainly do the eliptical and treadmill along with weight training.
Going to really try to do better on the treadmill. I tend to really slack off and only walk on it. Which did work for a while, but I never really saw any weight loss from that.. My leg muscles got really toned though.

I've slacked off with this weight issue long enough. I guess this forced break has kind of opened my eyes.
I'm also going to be dieting as well. Going to try to cut down on my red meat intake.
I'm going to try to reduce my carbs, but I gotta have my white rice. I know brown or wild is better for you, but hell, all of those Asian people are skinny as hell and white rice is a main part of their diets, so can't be that damn bad lol.
I'm also going to reduce my diet soda intake and up my water consumption. I hate plain water, but well, gotta do what ya gotta do. I know Aspartame is bad for you but damn if I don't love carbinated drinks!
I'll try to reduce my diet sodas to once or twice a day.

I'm also going to try out Hoodia. I bought the pills about a month ago and haven't opened them yet.
Did tonight though and took 2 of them.
We'll see how they work. I mean I really don't have a problem with snacking, or anything like that. If I do snack, it's usually on applesauce, or baby dill pickles or something. So nothing bad, but maybe the hoodia will help with me reducing how much I eat during my meals. If I don't feel hungry when I usually eat, maybe I'll eat less.

My goal is to be at 200 by my cd35. So a little over a month from now, I want to be down around 30lbs.
I weighed myself today before my shower and it read 229. We'll see what it's at tomorrow morning before I eat anything.

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