Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't wanna!!!

I don't want to exercise today. My sleep was better, but I still feel so drained and limp right now.
It's probably my hormones making me feel this way. Since I'm not on any kind of fertility med this cycle, my hormones are just running wild and it's causing me to feel this way, not get a good rest, etc etc.

I may have to exercise on Sunday. DH is off on Monday and wants to take me to get my license... yippee... :\ Still haven't found anywhere to practice parallel parking. Hopefully this means I'll have my own car soon whenever we can afford that. It'll be nice not having to have DH drive me around anywhere and to not be stuck in the house all day if I want to go out somewhere. Where? No idea... I do like staying at home lol.

As for the exercising... I'll be doing weight training today. Going to try to keep using the 5lbers for most of the stuff, but if I start struggling I'll switch to the 3lbers.

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