Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day whatever

I did not want to wake up this morning! Maybe the exercises really are making me more tired. I'll have to be sure to get to bed sooner tonight. See if an extra hour will help that feeling in the morning.

Going to do P90 Sculpt today. Figure I'd try to do it every other day. Someone on a forum I go to mentioned that doing weight training helps with insulin resistance which should help with the bad belly fat. So def going to try to push myself some with the weight training.
I'm still not doing those damn lunges though. At least not any time soon. Same with the pushups. It hurts my wrists even trying to attempt it. I'll try doing them off a kitchen counter though (another suggestion I read on a forum). Get more of an angle and more resistance than the wall.

I really need to stop weighing myself every day. It's going to drive me crazy. Before putting on my workout clothes... I weighed myself, and it was another pound less. Now this I def don't trust.. although it was nice seeing 224 lol.

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