Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Better today

Feeling better today. Not as worn out and weak feeling today as I was yesterday, so woot for that.
Did Power90 cardio workout. I did the entire first set of jumping jacks, yay :D I couldn't do the 2nd set except for a couple of jumps, but I can feel that I'm not as weak as I was when I first started.
I mean I'm still out of shape, but not as much.
I did try to do that thigh blaster workout but nuh uh. That workout is too hard for me right now. I couldn't even do the first 5mins. My body just isn't up to doing that yet.
I may try some of the others. See if they're just as hard or what. May try the butt one tomorrow see how that is heh.

Feeling good though. I ended up taking a nap yesterday, and I don't have that urge or want to today. :)

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