Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weird dream

Just have to get this down before I forget.

The dream was set in modern times,  but it was fantasy. Like a Jason and the Arganauts.
There was a guy that could disappear, and there was a cyclops that kicked ass.
Well, I was with the hero (I'm a teenage black chick). Can't remember who it was, some black dude. We were chasing after the guy that could disappear b/c he stole something from us. We're in this old run down building, chasing him up stairs, and right before he could disappear, the hero snatches back the item we wanted back.
We start rushing up the stairs b/c we're also getting chased.
We reach this big studio like space. And that's when the cyclops gets to us. He's hell bent on getting back the item and just starts wailing on the hero. The hero is doing a great job defending himself though.
And for some reason, I find a huge bag of dog food to protect myself with lol.
Well the cyclops sees that he's not really getting anywhere beating on the hero. So he says something about doing something to what he loves, and then starts to beat the snot out of me.
I'm the typical weakling damsel so I can't really defend myself against the barrage of punches.
The hero finally gets the cyclops guy off of me and beats him up some and makes him run away.
But I'm already traumitized from the beating and sobbing like crazy.

There might've been more but that's all I can remember.

I had a few other strange dreams too. Like dreaming that I was on a school field trip in New York. We were all crammed in to this tiny little hotel room but we were all having a blast just looking out the window at the great view we had. Then something happened that I don't remember, but we came back to the room and it was already morning and none of the kids had gotten any rest. Guess that wasn't so strange lol.

Also had another dream where DH and I were with my brother and his family, and we were telling them that we were going to Disney World that weekend b/c during a certain time, admission was only going to be $7. And we told them that they were coming lol.

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