Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day #1 of losing the fat

Just ate lunch of 4 (yes 4) boiled eggs and I'm drinking a cup of milk and took my plethora of pills.
Red Clover- 2 tablets twice a day. It's supposed to help cysts rupture sooner.
Vitex- 1 pill twice a day.
Evening Primrose Oil- 1 pill a day
Hoodia- 2 pills an hour before meals
Omega-3 Fish Oil- 1 pill a day.

along with my metformin, B6, prenatal, and synthroid. That's a lot of shit. AND I have even more stuff coming in the mail. The milk thistle and estrotone or whatever it's called.

I weighed myself this morning and it was 227.8.
I can look in the mirror and see that skinny bitch waiting to climb out of this fat suit.

So my goal is to be down at least 27 lbs in a month. Can I do it? I'm sure going to try. That's a lot of weight to lose in a relatively short amount of time.

Exercise today is going to be tough though. I can already feel it. I'm really not tryng to psych myself out or anything.
AF is on her way out but she's totally draining me of energy right now. I even got a really restful sleep, but woke up feeling like I could've slept at least a few more hours.
So it's going to be tough to get things going.

So yeah that's it so far. While I'm waiting about an hour for my food to digest a bit... looking up some inspirational shit to get me pumped up.
These 27lbs better ALL come from my face, stomach and arms lol. I an deal with having a big badonkadonk for now, I just want to get the top half of me looking better.
I HATE having this stomach. Hate hate hate hate hate it! I mean hell, I see so many overweight women, and I get jealous of them b/c they don't have the belly fat. Or well, as much belly fat. Wish I was so lucky.

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