Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 1 photos..... UUUUGH

So, I figured since I was going to start this seriously... I'd take and post up day 1 photos. BLEH. I hate having my photo taken, nm ones showing how fat I am!
Here they are though.

My ass actually looks like it has gotten smaller. Still pops out which I don't mind. But that stomach. Good lord that is the bane of my existance! It's a fairly new development. I always had a pooch, that area right below your belly button but right above your pubic area... that part has always been kinda pudgy, but everything else was ok... and then it just slowly but surely started to get bigger. I read that that's common with PCOS. Sigh, I remember when my boobs stuck out more than my stomach... oh to be back to that....
And I hate my arms as well. They're HUGE and I hate it b/c I don't feel comfortable wearing women's tees. ALL women's tees have these short little sleeves, and yeah that's just not happening.

Anywho, here it is.... pls ignore the smudged up spotted mirror.... and I just noticed that I forgot to put my rings back on.

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