Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booo bad sleep!

Damnit, I was hoping I'd sleep like the dead last night since I was so worn out, but I didn't.
Our dog that sleeps with us decided he wanted to snuggle up right next to me, which is aww adorable, except that I was right on the edge of the bed and couldn't move much. So I kept waking up sore from laying in one position for too long.

I weighed myself today, and it read 222.4. Erm ok.Hell, I'll take it though if it's not just some weird fluctuation.

I am feeling a bit better today though. Not so run down. We'll see if I'm still feeling weak after my workout though.
I'm going to try to add in this other workout for my thighs. Figure since they're easy muscles to work out, and they're big, then if I can build up those muscles, then it'll help everywhere else.

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