Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is going to be such a lovely post.
I'm not looking too much in to it. MOre like, oh maybe the Evening Primrose crap is working.

Past 2 nights when I've had a BM (that's bowel movement if you must know), I've noticed some EWCM on the tp when I wipe.
Now that's kind of normal. I get that a BM would help to move things down some in the vagina since well, everything is right beside eachother down there.
But I haven't gotten this on 2 consecutive nights.
Also tonights CM was a bit strange. Really snotty. Wiped the first time, and there was a visible string of CM on the tp.
So I checked w/ my fingers, and pulled out a tiny little glob of snotty CM. Didn't stretch too much and was like really loose jelly. So yeah... maybe the EPO is actually working. Who knows.

I really need to use these opks. Maybe I'll get a miracle... Pffffffft

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