Friday, August 19, 2011

189? Nope

No, I didn't see 189 this morning unfortunatly, but I did see 191 on the dot which is still down a pound from last week. YAY! :D
I'll take any loss at this point hehe.
I know I'll see that 189 soon so I'm not worried about not making that goal today.

It is still weird losing weight this way though. I mean come on, we're all taught that low fat low calorie is the way to go to lose weight! I mean duh of course low calorie will do something, but it always leaves you feeling hungry and deprived.
And low fat, EVERYTHING is low fat so at least that's easier to do.

But then doing what I'm doing... full fat this, big juicy steaks that... it just doesn't seem possible that anyone would lose weight and that they'd fall over dead rofl.
Just shows what kind of completely false information we've all been fed since we could understand it.
I mean seriously, I was eating heavy whipping cream last night. It's 50cal per tablespoon ALL of it is fat. And here I am, 1 pound lighter than before. Hell, I ate a pack of bacon for lunch yesterday! Yes, an entire pack of thick cut bacon, AND I have that at least once or twice a week depending on if it was on sale lol.
Even though I've adopted this lifestyle now, it's still hard to believe that it really works.
It really does make sense once you read everything about it though (which I do recommend to anyone struggling to lose weight).

No exercise today.... mostly b/c I'm feeling REALLY lazy. I'm gonna have to get out of this funk. I blame the provera, but not sure if it is actually the provera causing this.
Oh well, guess we'll see once I stop it.... er well, and after AF since AF always drains me as well.

1 weird note... usually provera will make my temps jump up to post-O range b/c it's progesterone. My temps have remained kind of low. I mean hell, yesterday's temp was 97.30something. That is WAY lower than where it should be. Today's was 97.82 which is closer but still not where my usual post-O temp is. I'll have to keep an eye on it next cycle. From the looks of it, my pre-O temp is going to be much lower than before.

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