Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cd19, doesn't look good

Just checked cm and it's nothing but creamy stuff. Signs def don't point to ovulating any time soon :(

Guess we'll see what happens with my OPKs.
Already told DH that I'll give it until Monday, and if nothing, I'm going to call for provera, tell them what we want to do (which I do have to talk to DH about), etc.

Diet is coming along. Not struggling as much as I thought I would with reducing my carbs. I mean I still have cravings that I have to deal with, but it's not that bad.

I got DH to start logging his food. Not sure how long he's going to keep it up, but I think I finally got him to think about how much he was actually eating every day (and it was a good bit).
I think if he reduces it some, then his weight should start to melt off quickly. With as much as he works out, he'll be sporting some serious muscle soon heh.

Hoping with my own reduced carbs I'll be sporting a slimmer body. SIGH Only time will tell. FX that my WI this friday shows some movement downwards on the scale.

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