Friday, August 26, 2011

Pregnant Primal

I was reading a blog entry from a woman who remained paleo while pregnant.
Here's a link to the article.
I found it so interesting, especially after reading a few other women's experiences while being primal as well.

If you don't want to click on the link. The basics.
She has PCOS (she's a thin-cyster). Didn't ovulate, didn't get her periods often at all. Didn't want kids, so PCOS was a bit of a blessing since she didn't have to worry about using birth control.
Well she went Paleo to help with her PCOS symptoms not thinking anything about her fertility.
3 months later, she became pregnant.
She remained paleo/primal throughout her pregnancy and experienced no morning sickness, no mood swings, great energy etc etc. Basically she had a fantastic pregnancy.
And her child is now one of those ideal children you admire and never think actually possible heh.

Her case doesn't seem to be all that rare for primal/paleo mommas either. A lot of them come to say that they had wonderful pregnancies and their babies are even tempered and well mannered as they grow.

I just found it all very interesting and think it's something to look in to if you are newly pregnant or hoping to be soon.


socialite_baby said...

That is really interesting! I might have to look into this a little more. Thanks for sharing! :)

LisaB said...

Wow, really interesting!

Ana said...

That sounds interesting.I hope that you continue writing these types of blogs because this type of information would be very helpful for a woman like me.
Thanks a lot.

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