Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just stop already!

I dunno what the hell my ladybits are doing but they just need to stop it already! Stop it! You hear me??
Bad ladybits! Bad!


Yes I'm still spotting and it has gotten just a little heavier. It's reaching a pad. Still not a huge amount.. well, it does look like a lot when I wipe though. I dunno.... thinking this could be AF. Have my doubts about that since there's no actual flow, but it's been pretty consistant and it's red, so *shrugs*

I was SO bad last night.
We went out for chinese food. It was a Thai/Chinese place. I've never had Thai before so got this seafood soup. It was ok, but it smelled like sour feet.
Anywho, very little carbs. Great right?
Well I totally ruined that shit later on when we went to Krispy Kreme!
I'm not even going to say how many donuts I inhaled, but it was A LOT. DH looked at me like I had just swallowed a kitten whole after I was done rofl.

Anyway, b/c of that and b/c I didn't want 3 days of rest, I exercised today.
Squats, modified burpees, wall pushups, kettlebell stuff, high intense eliptical, high resistance eliptical, jumps, ab leg lifts, plank in pushup position.

Think that's it heh.
It's a lot of stuff, but what I did only took about 25mins.

We WERE supposed to go to this steakhouse tonight with all you can eat meat, but oh frickin no... we have some stupid ass B-day shit to go to at Taco Bell. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Oh DH loves that shit, but seriously??? How can you even compare Taco stank to all you can eat STEAK?? And not just any steak, but filets, and flank, lamb, and whatever else the place has! SIGH.
I'm so pissed off about that right now.
Don't misunderstand. Nothing against celebrating someone's birthday, but really, Taco Bell??? REALLY???

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