Sunday, August 14, 2011

So many carbs!

Yes, I'm turning in to one of those people right now lol.
There are just SO many carbs in everything out there!!
DH and I basically said screw it last night and went to town on carb loading, same as Friday night lol.
It's so bad and I know I'm going to be starting this week off at a higher weight than Friday.

Looked up some Taco Bell nutrition before we left. About had a heart attack for the amount of carbs in everything! Some of it wasn't THAT bad, but come on, who the hell other than a small child is satisfied eating ONE frickin taco?
I had 3 fresco chicken soft tacos. Think they're either 21 or 22g of carbs a piece. Some of that is from the tomato, but most is from the shell. BLEH. I also had a piece of cake they gave out which was SO sweet it about made my teeth want to jump out of my head.
We then just said F it, and went and got some icecream afterwards. SO yeah.... my carbs for yesterday were through the roof.

Oh well, back on the low carb train today.

End of last week, I FINALLY started to not feel hungry all the time. I remember it taking a little while the very first time we did this as well. Felt hungry all the time, and then suddenly,it just sort of stopped. I think if I do feel hungry after dinner, it's more a habit kicking in wanting a dessert.

I'm still bleeding.
I thought it may have been AF last night about to actually start, but nope. It has now lightened back up. This reminds me of my cycles before we got any kind of medical help. I constantly bled.
Not sure why that would be happening now other than the low carb thing, but why on earth would THAT be causing this? Just don't know.

Hell, it could still be AF about to come. If I O'd on cd12... I would be 11dpo today. Maybe my body is just screwy and these have been pre-AF spotting days or something and the witch will appear later tonight or tomorrow.

Just hoping the RE calls me tomorrow. If bleeding hasn't picked up by then or even if it does, I'll call and get things moving along.

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