Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, that's a shocker

First, I'm still spotting. It's only there when I use the bathroom, but it's still red fresh blood.
It has to be b/c of my diet. Dunno what else would cause this to happen so suddenly and then continue to happen. Whatever.

2nd... my WI today went fan-frickin-tastic!!
So my weight has been fluctuating from 194-197... mostly 197 which it has been for the past few weeks most of the time.
I was expecting to get a WI today of 195 which I would've been more than happy with. Remember that I was weighing myself every day so this would've kept on track to what I was losing during the week.
Well I was wrong.
Got on the scale this morning after stripping down... and
Could not frickin believe it! lol I've hopped on the scale a few more times just to be sure. It jumped up to 193 1 sec, then back down to 192 the next, but whatever!! That is still a lot more than I thought! rofl
Boy, low carb does my body GREAT apparently lol. I'm sure the exercising has helped as well.

And speaking of exercise, none today. Woke up with the back of my thighs sore. Wasn't expecting that, but it's good to feel since it shows that whatever I did yesterday did something, ya know?


Lisa Marie said...

Way to go, that's awesome!

Sarra said...

That's awesome!!! Keep it up, you're really starting to see some results!!