Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exercise done

Swinging that kettlebell around was FUN. Never thought I'd say that about exercising before lol.
I used the 15lber and did a 2 handed swing. Doesn't feel like exercising. It took a bit for it to feel like anything was going on, but it eventually did. Going to have to do that a lot more often along with some 1 handed ones as soon as I get that 10lb.

Also did a bunch of squats, wall pushups, 2 burpees. Modified of course. Was going to do more, but my toes hurt when I did them so going to cool off on those for a bit.
Erm what else.. oh I also did some high intense stuff. Well, not THAT intense. I took it slightly easier.
Used the eliptical and put it on 5 resistance. Did intense for 30sec, rest for 30 sec for 4.5 mins.
It's not true tabata, but my thighs were really feeling it after and it got my heart pumping more.

That's about it. I was going to do some ab stuff after, but I couldn't lift my legs lol. Too worn out.

I'll be back with hopefully a positive opk. Pfft

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