Friday, August 26, 2011

Meh.. not bad

I keep forgetting to update my blog! So many buddy groups and forums to update that I just end up forgetting.
Oh well, I'm here now!

I got MOST of my meds in yesterday. Seems the nurse forgot to put in my order for the trigger shot. That or she misheard me and thought I said I still had a trigger shot left over.
I got in 2 300u and 1 900u vial of follistim. Kinda pissed about the 900. All follistim vials are always overfilled by about 100u no matter what size. So if I had gotten 5 300u vials instead, that would've been an extra 500u of follistm.... that's almost 2 vials more worth of stuff!
Whatever though.
Hopefully this will be my last time needing to do injections. Get me my baby already!

I had some really bad ovary twinges yesterday. Could've been gas, but I doubt it. I've been gassy before and it has never had any effect on my right ovary.
I think it was a cyst. Maybe it rupturing or something, I dunno. I just hope there's nothing there to prevent us from trying.

I should be going in on Monday for the baseline if AF shows when I think it will. Hard to say though since my body is acting funky. My nipples are still pretty dang sore. Guess I can't use that as a possible preg symptom next time. Well, if they get sore AND darken, that will be a good sign.

Erm what else.... *shrugs* Feels like I wanted to mention something else but I can't remember. Oh welp!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

HA I remembered! I dunno how I forgot to mention my weigh in today! lol
I'm down 1 more pound which brings me to 190! YAY!
I was actually afraid it was going to be more but PHEW thankfully not.
Still hoping to see that 180something weight soon! I just hope the follistim doesn't cause me to blow up like a fat filled balloon lol.

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