Friday, August 5, 2011


Just got done exercising.
Did another high intense thing. Tabata or whatever it's called.
Good lord is it tough!!
Oh it sounds GREAT on paper. 4 minutes of working out? AWESOME!
But good lord it sucks when you're doing it! lol
It's 20sec of high intense, 10sec rest.
I didn't quite make it the entire 4 minutes.
I did it on the eliptical and good lord, my legs were about to fall off!! I had to stop at the 3min mark and my legs felt like jello afterwards.

After I rested a bit, I did a few wall pushups and some leg lift ab exercises.
Tried doing a girly pushup after that. I could get almost all the way down! YAY! lol
Slowly slowly getting somewhere.

I should probably do more, but I don't feel like it. Shouldn't say that and just do something, but seriously, tabata workouts are no joke. Feel like I want to puke right now lol.
Think whenever I do them again, do it AFTER I've done everything else.

WI today sucked. I knew I was going to be up this week, but it still sucked to see. I'm back up to 196.
I know it's b/c of my eating this week.
I've been eating WAY too much sugar... mostly from fruit, but I've snuck in a few starbursts here and there.
I've just been SO hungry this week and not feeling satisfied. I think it's b/c of the excess sugar, which just causes me to be hungry. Vicious cycle.

Going to have to keep that in check next week. Buy a lot more eggs and boil them for snacks whenever I'm feeling hungry.

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