Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just one more!

One more provera tonight and that's it! WOO!
I'm SO pumped for this next cycle! Just have a good feeling about it. Hopefully that good feeling means something, but I'm just excited to get this going!
I am a little afraid that I'll have OHSS. No idea what my body is going to do on the large dose again and with how it reacted before w/ the gawd-awful bloating I experienced.... I dunno, that kind of scares me.

Other than that I'm just ready! Come on June baby or May... either or heh.

Had a bit of a snag earlier. Had a weird credit card charge so the card was frozen. Pharamcy called telling me that the card was declined. Had DH call the CC company up and it was all cleared. WHEW.
I should still be getting my meds tomorrow thankfully.

Nipples are still sore. I'm not worried about it or anything, but it just makes me wonder why. Just one of the many mysteries of my body I guess.
It is a torture device though.
Me: Leave me the debit card so I can go to soandso.
DH: Why?
Me: So I can buy thisandthat.
DH: Hmmm... Nope *sneak nipple pinch attack!*
Me: ACK!! *runs away* or *smacks him a couple times*
DH: *Giggles like a school girl*

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Sarra said...

Glad you are through the Provera! Also such a relief to hear that mess with the credit card got sorted out. How frustrating! You should tell them this is NOT a time to be messing around, haha.

I wanted to let you know you have an award today on my blog, too!