Thursday, August 18, 2011

Must.... Eat.... FOOOOOOD

Holy moly... thank goodness we do not have any junkfood in the house because last night, I would've eaten EVERYTHING!
I seriously would've baked a cake if we had sugar lol.... that's how desperate I was for something.
Damn provera!
It's also causing some pretty funked up dreams. Just weird ones. Too bad none of them are BFP dreams, but meh... I enjoy weird dreams too heh.

I def think it's causing my weight loss to stall. I'm fine with that b/c I know I've been sticking to my diet so it's not my own fault for any kind of gain or lack of a loss.
I won't be seeing that 189, but I will see it eventually. Hopefully next week! Just have to make sure I'm not THAT bad this weekend like I was last time lol.

Should be hearing back from the follistim pharmacy today. They called yesterday, not sure why they just couldn't complete the order then, but whatever.

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