Friday, August 19, 2011

HCG diet craziness!!!

I'm sure we've probably all heard of this diet but don't know what exactly goes on with it other than taking HCG to help with weight loss.
I still don't understand it all, but it sounds SO dangerous.
Lemme explain from what I was told.
Basically, you go on an EXTREMELY limited calorie diet while taking HCG.
It's only something like 500 calories a day, and the food you're eating are basically primal/paleo food.
Come the Fuck on people. Seriously???
How on earth are you NOT going to lose weight only eating 500 calories a day??? It's not the damn HCG making you lose weight, you are STARVING yourself!!
I'm sorry but this fad diet just pisses me off.
SO many just swear by it and that they lost so much weight. Well no frickin shit sherlock! Who the hell isn't going to lose weight by basically starving themselves??
You don't need a damn HCG shot to lose weight when you're only eating the equivalent of one damn meal a day.... and not even a GOOD one at that!

Phew, ok rant over! Wish you could just shake some sense in to people sometimes. Just.. 500 a day.... uuuugh it seriously makes me groan. That is NOT safe.


Amy and Robert said...

I was stupid and desperate before my wedding and did this diet.. I did lose weight, about 15 pounds in a week! (gained it all back just as quick when I stopped) I was soooooo sick, and weak, and constantly hungry, and dizzy and tired. It was awful. A girlfriend of mine did it, stuck to it, and she's a bean pole now, but looks sooo sick, and almost like she is on drugs. NO THANKS!

Marly said...

i agree 100% i looked into it a lot at first, but then realizeed they were on a 500 cal diet... ive been frusturated with not seing results from all my working out and watching what i eat, and i found out yesterday that it is b/c i have metabolic syndrome/ syndrome x sounds so better and it made me realize that so much is not in my control :S good rant :D

lolo246 said...

Totally agree!!! Couldn't have said it better myself.