Monday, August 8, 2011

Fluke? Maybe...

Think the opk yesterday may have just been a fluke, or dark only b/c my urine was super concentrated. Hope I'm wrong, but I dunno.....
We'll see what my test looks like today.

Anywho, just got done exercising.
Did some squats. Chair assisted ones at first. I think those are actually harder to do b/c you don't have to really focus on your form much since you have the chair there to stop you. I then switched it over to just regular squats. Could tell that I'm getting better b/c I could squat lower. I'm still not real low or anything, but I'm slowly getting there.

I also did some wall pushups. Hurt my wrist at first so had to stop, then went back to them after a while.

What else..... I did some crunches and ab leg lifts.

I also jumped around like a fool lol. That was actually a lot of fun! We actually bought a real jumprope this weekend. I tried using it, but man, my coordination sucks lol. Easier to do invisible jumprope :P hehe
I started off doing those, then the Linkin Park song Blackout came on the workout cd, so I just started to jump around to the song. Doing run lunges, and just jumping side to side to the beat. GREAT great song to do that to and I think I'm going to do that a lot more often. It was working me out without it feeling like a workout.

I also did, or well, tried to do a tabata workout after all of this. Could only make it to 3 minutes again and just barely. I think I'm going to have to tone that down. Do 30sec w/ 30 sec rests. Take it slower and less intense and hopefully work my way up to do a real tabata session.

Stretched afterwards as well and I can finally tell that it's doing something. Once again, it's slow progress but at least it's progress. I'll be able to touch those toes one of these days! lol

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