Monday, August 15, 2011

Houston, we have lift-off!

Was thinking to myself, why wait to call tomorrow when I can just call today, so I did.
I waited until it was their lunch break though so I wouldn't have to actually talk to anyone. I'm such a weirdo. I HATE talking on the phone.
So yeah, I waited until I knew no one would answer and called so I could just leave a message :P lol

Anywho, got a call back a little while ago from the nurse.
Everything is good to go for next cycle. Our prior approval for the insurance is good up until Sept 3rd, so we're still covered until then.
She said she's going to order my meds later this week and I'll be starting on 175u again.
MAN that seems like SO much. Dang high maintenance body heh.

She did ask how long go my last period was and I lied. I'm so bad. I dunno why I did. Maybe thinking they'd tell me to wait longer to see what happens. I feel bad about it, but too late now. If they ask about it whenever we go in, I'll tell them about the last 2 cycles.


Sarra said...

What meds are you on? Injectibles? I only ever did Clomid, but now for IVF I'll be on Follistim, Gonal F and Microdose Ovidrel. Not looking forward to the shots! Ouch! Glad to hear you have a new cycle about to start though! Good news! Maybe with the weight loss and your better eating habits, this will be your month!!

LisaL said...

I really hope so :) I hope this will be it for the both of us!