Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I think I hurt my knees somehow. Either that or my knees are getting stronger and are just sore. Not sure if that's even possible lol.
Still, they're sore.
Took it a bit easier today.
Did 20min treadmill. Just slow walking with a minute of jogging.
Then I did some
wall pushups which I'm getting better at. I can do them better. Slower but better.
and a few ab leg lifts.
I also tried once again to do a girly pushup and I'm happy to say that I can almost do 1 now lol. I know that's so pathetic, but it is progress for myself. Considering that I couldn't even go down an inch before, I can almost go down completely.
Oh and I also did a short plank and stretches.

Nothing too strenuous b/c my knees are worrying me a little.

No OPK yet. I'll probably take one after I eat lunch.

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