Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whatcha doin there?

My left ovary is aching for some reason. Hopefully b/c of a nice big follicle waiting to ovulate!
Pfft, I wish.

Slow start this morning as well. Slept in a bit. Not too long, maybe an extra 20mins.
Just got done exercising and fixing my lunch.

30mins eliptical
10 wall pushups

The eliptical, I upped the resistance to about a 7. Like trying to walk through moving water. Figured that would be enough leg workout so didn't bother with squats today.
My wrists are hurting when I'm trying to do the pushups now. Not sure what's going on there but didn't want to make it worse so only did a few.

Lunch is eggdrop soup.
Haven't posted a food photo in a while so here ya go
Made with chicken broth, gluten free chicken bouillion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, 4 lightly scrambled eggs. Yep, 4 eggs.
Yum yum :D

Feeling good so far. Going to start OPKs today.

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