Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Afternoon OPK

Yeah, as you can see, not a +.
It's darker than the one from this morning, but looks lighter than the dark ones I had a few days ago.
SIGH. Not looking good... not looking good at all.


Sarra said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. I really appreciate it!

As for your OPK, are you sure you didn't ovulate already? The one you showed a few days ago looked really close to positive. Are you temping or anything too? It's so hard to tell sometimes. Most of my friends use the smiley digital OPK's but they are so expensive! I still use the strips too, but the temping helps me narrow down the O date most months. Wishing you the best. Don't lose hope!!

LisaL said...

Yep, I temp as well and they've been below my usual post-O temp.
They have been a little higher than usual, but I think that's mostly b/c I haven't been sleeping well.