Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm sure most if not all women dealing with fertility issues end up feeling this way.
Even though you know there are many others out there also struggling, you still can't help but just feel so totally and utterly alone on this difficult journey.
It's especially bad when it seems like everyone else is getting pregnant.
As always, it's nothing against those people, you're happy for them, but it just makes you feel SO bad for yourself and your situation.
I cheer on so many women during their pregnancies. I'm more than happy to and love hearing their updates, but it just kills me that I'm not there yet.

I don't feel empty... no... I feel hopeless and dread and sad.
Seems as though more and more of my posts are turning towards the depressing.

On another less depressing note.
Got 2 of the kettlebells today! YAY! It's the 15 and 20lb ones. They are really nice, especially considering the price paid for them. They're solid and heavy as hell!
I mean 35lbs isn't really that much weight, but 35lbs in such a small box feels like it weighs a ton! I could barely get the box inside!
I'm not going to be able to use either one of those, so just have to wait for the 10lber to get here. Should be here by tomorrow hopefully. If not, oh well, just do other stuff.

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SLESE1014 said...

I can't speak for all IF sufferers out there, but I know for sure, I was in a very dark and lonely place for a long time while dealing with IF.

It's so hard to be happy for others when their news tears you up inside. We want our family to grow just as much as the fertile world, and we work so hard to get there.

Just know as lonely as it feels, you're not alone...there's a whole community out there feeling similar to you...

And good for you on those kettle bells...I'd probably have to start with a 2lb one if they made one...I'm such a wuss! Good luck and keep hoping...I'm still hoping for you!