Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Just got done working out.
Did something a bit different today.

I followed this workout er... timing? intensity?

It's basically running really fast for 30 seconds, resting for 30sec, running fast 30sec, resting 30sec. Do this for 4 minutes.
I did it on the eliptical and MAN my legs were about to fall off after! lol
It was difficult, but you can def tell that you're getting in a good workout. And come on, who can argue with doing it for just 4 minutes... 2 of those minutes resting! lol

I also did this

It's just some exercises that this person suggests doing daily at home or wherever when you can't get to a crossfit gym.
No fancy equipment or anything, just you.
I did day 1 which is
10 burpees
20 squats
30 situps.

I modified it of course.
For the burpees, I did the beginner version.

Was actually pretty simple and easy enough to do. I'm nowhere near being able to do a regular burpee since it requires you to do a pushup lol.

Squats were just normal squats.

And for the 30 situps, I did crunches and leg lifts instead.
I did 40 crunches. 10 regular, 10 for each side (where your lower half is turned to either side and you crunch up), and then 10 straight leg lifts.... hands under butt, legs straight out and lifting them up and down.

I also did about 10 wall pushups. Attempted to do a girly pushup lol, and a few jumprope jumps.

All of this took, hmmm, maybe 15-20mins, and lemme tell ya, I'm still feeling it now.
Doing all of that didn't take nearly as long as what I've been doing, but it feels like I worked out A LOT harder.
I think I'm going to stick to something like this. Still do long slow cardio on eliptical or treadmill, but put in short high burst intesity stuff. Maybe alternate days.

Fixing my lunch now. A nice big head of cabbage that I'm steaming/boiling. Yum :D

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