Saturday, August 27, 2011


Why is it so damn hard to find flattering big girl dresses that are trendy and don't look like something an 80yo school teacher should be wearing???
Trying to find a new dress for the upcoming wedding and it is a pain in the damn ass!
I have an awful body shape. Small boobs compared to the rest of my body, but EVERYTHING that is my size is for big boobed women! It just looks wrong on me.
Or things that could be ok look awful b/c of my big fat gut. UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
AND apprently plus size gals MUST have teeny tiny skinny girl arms. WTF dress makers? Last time I checked, a lot of fat girls also have fat arms that can't fit in to those tiny frickin tubes you call sleeves!
How about offering more dresses w/ wider pretty sleeves damnit! Not everything has to be frickin halter, spaghetti strapped, cap sleeve, whatever shit.
And don't get me started on the prices for some of this stuff.
There needs to be a store for women like myself. Priced to wear for only a few times b/c I don't like dressing up. lol


We actually went to Kohl's earlier to look for dresses. They're having an AMAZING sale, so if you have one near you, GO NOW.
Got myself 2 more capris. Think one was 13 and the other 6. Best part though, one was a size 14 and the other a size 12!!!!
Yes, the 12 is obviously a large 12, but still.... a frickin 12!!
I actually thought it was a size 14 at first b/c that was the number on the hanger and I forgot to check the size in the pants. They fit perfectly fine though. I had to straighten up just a tiny bit to button them, but it wasn't like sucking in my gut for dear life or anything and they felt perfect after zipping them.
So yeah, even though no dress.... getting those 2 pants in those sizes made my day heh.

We FINALLY went to that steak place tonight. It was.. meh, kind of a let down. It was good, but some of the meat they served was SO salty it was almost inedible. Think it was just b/c we got the outside charred part.
It was so good though and the beef was so tender.
I didn't eat nearly as much as I thought I would. I filled up on water trying to combat the saltiness and they take a while to come around w/ some meat that you actually want.

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Sarra said...

Whew, believe me, I know what you mean! Fancy dresses NEVER fit me right, so I find myself dreading the next wedding or fancy event. I'm happy in my jeans and tank tops, thank you very much. Or my yoga pants, LOL. But yay for size 12. WoooWooo! Lookin good, girl! Keep it up!