Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nope, not today

No +opk for me today. Boo :(
Wasn't expecting to get a + but it still sucks not to get it.
Both ovaries still ache if I lay on them so.. I dunno. Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll get a + this weekend. Who knows.
I'm not counting on it though.
I'm going to email my RE on Monday. Hate leaving a message on the phone b/c I never say everything that I meant to and it's talking with the nurse, not the RE. I'd rather email him so I can tell him what we'd like to do etc etc.

I dunno, I've actually been debating if we should just continue with this break a bit longer. Now that I've gotten back in to eating better for my body, maybe give this some time to heal me back up.
And we're still struggling w/ money a little bit and I know DH would like to pay off the credit card a bit more before we start adding more back on to it from doing injections.
Nah.... I mean it would probably be the better option, to wait, get healthier, get more money, but I just can't.
It breaks my heart to even think about waiting even longer.

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