Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Noooooo *shakes fist to the sky*

Damn provera is making me gain weight.
Sure we cheated a little this weekend w/ our food, but I was MUCH better about what I picked. Absolutely NO sugary cheats this time around.
But still, I know the provera is causing some weight to stick and that sucks. BLEH

No telling what the hell follistim is going to do to me. HOPING not to gain any weight from it but pfft, who knows.
A bit scared I may have some cysts. Both ovaries are feeling a bit sore whenever I lay on either side. It will be interesting to see what they look like during the baseline, but I'm terrified that giant cysts are going to show that's going to force us to wait once again.
MAN that would suckity suck suck!
Fixing myself some split pigs feet for lunch.
Now before you all run and puke lol, don't knock it until you've tried it.
It's a southern thing I guess heh.
I don't particularly like the skin that's still on the foot. I USED to, but after taking a bite out of one that still had some prickly hair attached? Uhm... yeah... NO THANKS. I cut it off and feed it to the dogs.
And don't get me started on what they feel like raw. It's just frickin weird feeling the skin b/c it feels like loose ppl skin. Creepy as hell.
Boy, I'm making them sound SO YUMMY huh? lol

While on the topic of weird food. Forgot to mention when we went on that trip a while back, we tried gator and frog legs for the first time.
Gator, meh, it was in these tiny little bites and I can't really remember the taste of them. I remember it being chewy though and very white. I'm sure it would've been better eating some at a place that knows how to cook them. Like somewhere in Florida or Louisiana.
The frogs leg were just.... weird. The meat, once you get past all of the veins def does LOOK like chicken, but do not be fooled by everyone that says it tastes like it! NO IT DOESN'T... or at least the ones we had didn't.
It tastes JUST like a VERY overcooked piece of fish.... same texture and that same kind of taste as well.


Sarra said...

Hang in there! THat's one of the crappy things about the different meds we have to take for IF. Clomid made me gain 15 pounds in six months! But in the end we're still doing what's right by exercising and eating right, so you're doing great!

I'll be on follistim for IVF, so hopefully it's not as bad as Clomid for the weight gain!

Dr. Reginia said...

Hang in there. Provera makes me feel weird too. I am almost over all the meds for PCOS. I am trying Victoza for appetite suppression and weight loss. It's expensive but working ok. Hopefully with the weight loss, all other things will fall into place. Good luck to you.

LisaB said...

Darn it!! Stupid meds! I am bigger than I have ever been in my life. It sucks! Hang in there hun! I hope you don't have any cysts! FX

Anonymous said...

veins and hair?? wow :)