Friday, December 2, 2011

10dpo stuff...

I couldn't resist taking a test w/ FMU. Since I still had 2 Answer tests left, I'm using those as my FMU testers.

Yep.... it was still super faint

I mostly just tested b/c I was so afraid that there wouldn't be a line. Even seeing it faint like that comforted me some.

Went back to bed, and when I got up a few hours later... w/ 4mu (I pee a lot in the morning), I took an frer and another wondfo.

Here's a comparison of yesterday's 3mu test and today's 4mu test
I think it looks about the same. Some are saying it looks a little darker today but it's so difficult to tell imo.

I'm hoping that tomorrow, the test will be noticeably darker than the one from yesterday.

I had to go out to pick up my progest and more synthroid.
Walgreens is basically right down the road from my house so did that one on the way home. I got out of the car to go in the store and I had a major dizzy spell. I mean REALLY bad. I could barely keep my balance and I'm surprised I did.
Thankfully it went away by the time I got back to my car and drove home, but it got bad again when I stood back up and it's still going on now.

Think it's probably b/c I'm using 2 progest sups at a time instead of just one. I didn't have this happen yesterday though. I hope it's a good sign of a LO getting comfy in there.

Hmm and another weirdness that happened. I took a shower before going out and blow dried my hair a little. I figured progesterone raises our body temp so a possible bean in there would like some warmth so I aimed the blow dryer towards my uterus and I started to get cramps. They weren't bad, but they were noticeable. Didn't last long and didn't occur when I did it again, but I thought that was really strange.

Alrighty, gonna go lay down, or well, fix something to eat and lay down.


Amy and Robert said...

so so so hopeful for you! I honestly think today's compared to yesterday's is a tad darker....maybe its just my computer??

Kerrik said...

Personally, I think it looks darker and more excited that this is the one!

Patty said...

10 DPO 4MU looks amazing! You're deff pushing out more HCG woman! How exciting!!!

Jen said...

I think it totally looks darker! Stick baby stick!!