Monday, December 5, 2011

Grr, stupid stupid me!!!

I just HAD to take another test. Figured oh sure, my 4mu has to be better b/c I held it in for 3 hours!
Pffft, the test is lighter and now I'm freaking out over it! UGH.
It's still a pretty dark line, but it's lighter than 3mu.

Now my brain knows not to make a big deal out of this b/c well, it could be like my FMU and I've been drinking a lot of water.
But oh no... the side of me that's already in panic paranoid mode is freaking!

Sigh... Why do I do this to myself?


juliane2004 said...

It's definitely hard to not worry but really really try. I'm sure you know this but every test has a slightly different amount of dye in it, so it could EASILY be a different darkness/lightness because of that.

Also, I'm not one to give advice on this because I am a POASaholic but I really think you should try to take only ONE test per brand per day. Then you can compare 14 DPO to 13 DPO, not 4mu to 3mu. I'm not trying to be harsh at all, I just think you'll see a bigger difference in one day to the next (or even morning versus evening if you want to test more than once a day) but I really don't think you should test at every single pee.

Jen said...

Ok step away from your tests . . . I know I have been testing too, but believe me don't test more than once a day . . I know it's hard, but all you are going to do is make yourself worry unnecessarily. You know I love you!!

LisaL said...

Lol thanks ladies. Don't worry, not harsh at all! You're just saying exactly what I'm thinking and I have def learned my lesson.
I let my POAS addiction get the best of me and yeah, I paid for it w/ a freak out session heh.

I'll still test w/ wondfos, but I'm going to leave FRERs for once a day.

Jen said...

Good girl . . . don't make me come take your tests away from you!! :)