Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Took FMU tests this morning when I woke up. Just wanted to reassure myself that a line was still there heh

Fast forward to when I get home from getting blood taken. I have to use the bathroom so I take tests. This was 3MU.
Cue the freak out when the test line is lighter than yesterday's test!!!
Oh it's still dark, but it is lighter.
I'm REALLY hoping it's b/c the test doesn't have as much dye in it or something.

I also took wondfos of course, and they're a bit more reassuring. OPK is definitely a positive now and an actual good line showed up on the HPT.

Also I my BBT this morning was a little lower.
I know I know I should've stopped temping, but it has helped me prepare for the worst before.
I THINK the only reason my BBT was a a tiny lower was b/c I had kicked off the blankets and I didn't let the thermometer sit in my mouth as long as I usually do to warm up.

If my conceived date is when I ovulated, then I am exactly 4 weeks today.
I guess if this sticks, I'll want to document everything, so I'll be taking weekly bump photos. It's just gonna be my fat bump for a while though heh


Kristen (SC) said...

Your FRERs are as dark as mine were when we conceived Noah! So hopeful for you! :)

Jen said...

I'm still temping too . . . it just makes me feel better. Your lines are still dark . . plus remember how mine were at 14 dpo. I couldn't be praying for you more!!! This is it. I just know it.

Marly said...

I think the line looks good :D when do you go for a repeat beta : D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LisaL said...

I had my 2nd beta draw today :) They don't call until after 2 though so it's going to be a very long wait.