Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rambling for a min

As I mentioned in the comments in the post below... I'm googling as much as I can right now.
Trying to give myself a glimmer of hope here.
Found a thread of women posting their beta numbers and one of them had a beta of only 13 on 10dpo and her numbers went up totally fine after that.
That gives me some hope. Doesn't really calm my nerves any but it helps some heh.

I just need to hope now that my HCG starts to jump up quickly so I can get some nice dark tests! Come on little bean, stick stick stick!

Going to do 4 progest sups like I did last time. My RE better not have a problem with it b/c if he does... tough dookie!


juliane2004 said...

Hey Lisa, I remembered this woman who is due in April 2012 (when I was due, before I had a mc). This is her history (it gave me hope too).

ER 07/14/11 - 19 eggs, 16 mature, 15 fertilized!

07/19/11 - transferred two embies (5AA and 4AA), 7 frosties! (5 day transfer)

Betas...07.27.11 ~ 11 (13 DPO)
...07.30.11 ~ 41 (16 DPO)
...08.01.11 ~ 84 (18 DPO)
...08.03.11 ~ 221 (20 DPO)
...08.05.11 ~ 579 (22 DPO)

Sending T&P your way!!!

juliane2004 said...

PS she is now 22 weeks along and baby looks great.

LisaL said...

Thanks juliane, that does give me hope.
I'm not giving up yet. It is still VERY early so things could still go up as they should. FX!