Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stupid theory

Ok, this is going to sound stupid, but do you think it's possible that the vibrations from the concert helped an egg travel faster to my ute?
Like I said, stupid but it has me wondering. That music was SUPER loud and vibrated your entire body and I was feeling right O type of pains when the concert started and the next day I had a slight temp dip and then the day after that, my temp jumped way up.
Sounds crazy and who the hell knows if that's even possible or not lol.

Just took 2 more tests. I took a digi ( Not Pregnant), and I used one of the 88 cent Walmart tests.
The walmart test may have a really light shadowy looking line on it, but first glance it looks BFN.
I'm not worried about it though since I know both tests aren't very sensitive.

I'm so anxious to get my beta results back and to test again today! lol

EDIT: Forgot to mention possible symptoms.
My stomach has been very noisy at night when trying to go to bed for the past 2-3 nights.
Think I'm feeling some aches down below. Some from left, some from right, some in the middle. It's very mild.
Gassy... burping and the other end. I think I just needed to go #2 which I did... I'm still burping though.
I think that's it. Feels like I'm forgetting something.

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