Sunday, December 11, 2011


For once I am NOT freaking out about my tests. lol
Not sure if it's noticeable in the photo... on the FRER, even though the test line looks the same, the control line is lighter today. I know once the test line is darker, it seems to suck all of the dye away from the control so yeah... it made me feel better to see that.

I think my wondfo hpt is finally looking decent. Still not super dark or anything but it's still a better line than it was heh.

I am SUPER SUPER nervous about tomorrow still. Been putting different numbers in to a beta doubling calculator and UGH, there is such a huge range that is still within normal doubling time.
Hell, my beta could come back 500 tomorrow and although that is slowed down a considerable about, it is still doubling at 67 hours which isn't great, but still within 72hours.
Really REALLY hoping my level is at least over 1000.
I need to stop looking up beta numbers as well. So many women have such amazing numbers at 20dpo and I'm sitting here comparing myself to them when I know I shouldn't.
uuuuuUUuUUuUuuuuuugh torture! lol

What else...Feeling a lot going on downstairs. It's mostly in my O areas. It switches sides, like a few days ago, I was getting a lot of aching on my right side. Yesterday it was all in my left.
Not really feeling too much in the ute. Maybe something mild every once in a while, but it doesn't last very long.

I talked to DH yesterday. Told him I wanted to tell my mom probably after the u/s or sometime after. He said he preferred if we waited until 2nd tri when the risk of m/c is down. I told him once you see the heartbeat chances of m/c goes down a considerable amount, but he's being cautious. I completely understand.. I have my own fears and doubts and everything, but UGH I just want to tell someone! heh


Anonymous said...

Ya know, a doubling beta is still a doubling beta in my eyes! As far as telling your mom- whatever feels right for you should be the time. I've had several m/c's and chemicals. This time, after I did my u/s at 4w I told my parents and DH's family. We felt that if it were another loss, we'd have their support at least. I didn't tell any friends until I saw a HB at 7w1d u/s and even then I was nervous. I hope everything goes well with the betas and I'll be lurking!

(nattiebumpo on TWW)

LisaL said...

Thanks Nat.
Yeah I think I want to tell her after seeing a h/b. When I think about it, it feels right. I'll talk to DH again when we get to that point :)

Jen said...

I'm still weird about telling. I did end up telling a friend this weekend, but that was only because we were at an amusement park and she knows I love roller coasters. I still haven't told my mom. She also doesn't know about any of my losses though, I tend to keep things inside a lot. You do what ever you feel is right.

Can't wait to hear your numbers!!

SLESE1014 said...

I had the same thing happen with my tests....although you are most definitely more of a pro at testing than me....

Keeping my fingers crossed and you in my prayers you get a fabulous Beta number tomorrow....

And about telling...since I was IVF and my family was kind of involved by helping with my bed rest and stuff, I had to tell them. We told Babe's parents when we were released from the OB, but didn't tell general public until I was almost 17 weeks along...of course there was that whole bleeding issue in the middle..

Praying for you!!!

creatingarainbow said...

You need to start counting 4weeks and such and such days pregnant...instead of the dpo gig. Accept it re preggers! :)

creatingarainbow said...

4 weeks and 5 days to be exact....(19dpo)

Crystal said...

Thinking of you!!!! Your lines are just beautiful!! Can't wait to hear what your next beta is!!!

KatyBug said...

I'm with @creatingarainbow :)

Keeping everything crossed for you!