Sunday, December 4, 2011

12dpo SMU

I finally went back to bed and actually slept really well until 8 when I got up.
Didn't use the bathroom again so took tests with SMU.
Not sure how it compares to my 3MU but seems to be about the same I think.

Took an FRER and wondfo.
Wondfos still annoying me. Some consistant quality on the HPTs would be nice!! I mean damn, I got that AWESOME line on one a couple days ago, and ever since, the lines have been faint. WTF?
At least the OPKs seem to be mostly consistant.

Anyway, here are the tests

And compare 11 to 12....
Looking at them now IRL, it's obvious 12dpo is darker. It's past the time limit but it continued to get darker.
Looking at the photo, it's difficult to tell

And both tests again in the same light

And it's not after the time limit, but the FRER looks like it got darker. IRL it looks just a tad darker than the one from yesterday.

Can ya telll that I'm obsessing? Pfft, I'm sure everyone could tell that a few days ago :P

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unaffected said...

Eff the wondfo, the FRER looks absolutely magical!! :) :)