Friday, December 2, 2011

*Mental HighFive!* YEAH!

Seriously, I'm giving you all big mental highfives and hugs right now.

Haven't gone and laid down yet. Been googling up information. Seems as though progesterone can cause this (dizziness) to happen.
I wonder why now though. I did it for a short time w/ my last m/c and never got a dizzy spell, and nada yesterday so *shrugs*
Obviously I'm hoping it's preg related and not some s/e from the goo in my vag :P lol Oh I'm so classy!

I took a wondfo while I was waiting for my lunch to cool off some (beef broth w/ eggs, sounds gross but it was awesome)....
And man, I wish I had saved the pee so I could've dipped a FRER in to it
Frickin fantastic line showed up on the hpt as you can see.
I can only imagine what an FRER would've looked like.
Still, just seeing that made me feel better.

I'm still scared out the bejebus, but I'm getting more hopeful and excited.
Sigh... we'll see soon if this one is going to stick around.
With my past m/c, I've started to spot about 10-12dpo so... yeah, these next few days are going to be long and difficult.


Sara McLaughlin said...

Haha, please keep updating hourly!! I am on pee watch, I've checked your blog more than I check, and that's saying something, haha!

I've been refering to it as the state of the urine address, seriously, I'm sooo happy for you, and want to see those lines continue to darken!!!!

LisaL said...

Lol thanks for checking in :)
I don't think I have that much pee in me though!
I'll probably test at least once more tonight so keep an eye out for that. My later pm PP doesn't seem to be as great as mid afternoon, but hopefully will still get a decent line :)

Jen said...

I also am on pee watch and I'm constantly checking your blog too! :o)

juliane2004 said...

Those look way better; the opk is almost even positive! I think this is a good sign. I am curious if you'll get another beta done sooner than you were going to?