Thursday, December 1, 2011

Me nervous? Pffft...........

Yeah who am I kidding, I'm nothing but a big ball of quivering exposed nerves right now.
If I were a dog, I'd be a tiny scared little chihuahua.

Dh wanted to look at an unused test. I dunno why, I guess he thinks that the test line is there when it shouldn't be or something, who knows.
Anyway, I made him wait about an hour before looking at a test so I could get in at least a small hold before having to use it.

So I finally give him the go ahead, and I use it after he's done examining it.
The line is still there

Now I know... I KNOW that I did only get a beta of 7 today and even if my hcg is going up, it's not going to be super high or anything and will still produce very light lines.
But pfft, tell that to my emotional side that wants to curl in to a ball under the bed and eat lint.

I think I have a very good reason, hell FOUR very good reasons for being so paranoid right now.
I just want this so much and to be teased with the possibility once again... it is doing quite a number on me!!

In other related news... I've been feeling nauseated. I think it's just my nerves causing it though.
I've also been feeling.. I dunno.. just not right. That could be because I didn't sleep well at all last night though so I'm tired... REALLY tired, but wired b/c I'm worried.

I've found quite a few other early low beta stories that turned out well. I really hope I can add my own to that list.

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Amy and Robert said...

Soooooo crossing my fingers for you!