Sunday, December 4, 2011


Just feel like chatting until AFV comes on ;) hehe...
I took the last 88cent walmart test and more wondfos at around 4pm.

Meh heh...
OOO I went out to Walmart earlier to buy FRERs. They only had the 2 test ones, BUT they had a bonus 3rd test in them!! The 3 test packs cost about $12 and some change, but these were only $7!! I snagged 3 boxes! lol You just can't beat that. Sure it's still damn expensive for pee sticks, but still heh.
I should be good to go for hopefully the rest of the week. Hoping I won't have a need to test longer than that (with good tests.. I'll still probably test for a while w/ wondfos :P)

I'm still super scared and nervous, but I'm getting excited too.
Actually allowing myself to get hopeful and imagine that this is going to be it.
This has put DH and I in to such a good mood. All smiles, joking with eachother. We did that before, but you can just feel that it's more loving and joyous, ya know?
UGH I'm gonna make myself cry.
DH said a tiny little cheer the other day... "YAY, no more shots!" Obviously meaning no more expensive follistim shots. Really hope he's right! Maybe we can actually make a dent in the credit card bill we use to buy the meds!

I called the RE's office and left a message. Told them my tests were getting darker and I wanted to come in Monday or Tuesday for another beta.
I also asked to have my progesterone checked and told them that I was using 4 suppositories a day.
Really hope they'll tell me to come in tomorrow. I think some of my fears will subside if I get a good 2nd beta.
Don't get me wrong, seeing my tests get darker is frickin awesome, but getting an actual number would be GREAT!

Ok so... if my hcg is doubling every 48 hours, then tomorrow, it would be around 28 on 13dpo. Still kinda low so FX for a higher number than that heh.

Symptoms... eh...
Still burping a lot.
Boobs are a little sore. Nothing too awful.
Eating dinner tonight, I felt 3 very very very mild tiny cramps in my uterus area. I mean just really light but obvious.

Lets see, what else can I ramble about.
Oh the clearblue battery is already dead!! BOOOOOO FRER test lasted for 4 days!!! I mean I guess it doesn't really have to last long, but it would've been nice to stare at it a little longer heh.

I told DH my theory about the vibrations from the concert heh. He just laughed and said "So whenever we want to try again, we have to make sure to go to another concert?" heh.
OO speaking of concert. We're going to another in January! YAY! This one is downtown so no long drive either, double yay! It's Rise Against and erm.. not sure who else.
Previous concert was our anniversary gift... this one is our Xmas present to eachother :)

Alrighty, I guess I'll stop rambling. If you've made it this far, YAY! You rock! ;)


Angela said...

Finger and toes crossed for you. Praying this is it girl!

juliane2004 said...

I just wanted to comment on your concert theory...

I got pregnant in July and had a miscarriage at 8w6d in August but on the night I ovulated, I went to a concert! I just realized that after reading your theory. So it could have some basis :)

LisaL said...

I'm telling ya. As crazy as it sounds, I really think the intense vibrations felt at the concert helped the egg travel to the uterus faster. Well, that's IF it is in my uterus and yeah, not even gonna think about that...
B/c the day after the concert, my temp dipped, and the day after that it shot up sky high. I thought it was just my usual temp dip that I get at 5dpo, but it may have been implantation.

I know there's no way of proving it though and going on about it just makes me sound even crazier so I'll shush heh.