Monday, December 5, 2011


So.. another day, a whole new set of tests to obsess over :P
First, got a call from the RE nurse this morning and I go in tomorrow first thing to get the beta done and my progest checked. YAY :)

Here are today's tests. I did take a FMU wondfo tests but meh, really nothing to see as usual.

These are 3MU. It wasn't a very good hold though b/c my stomach got upset and I had to go.
Oh well. I think the FRER looks a little darker. Not much, but a little is better than nothing!

Comparison of the last 3 days

Also, someone requested that I compare 10dpo to today's test, and here that is

Really glad they did b/c seeing it like that makes me feel a lot better about this.


Toni Rapp said...

13dpo test is darker! Congrats again. I hope your beta is rising nicely.

Jen said...

Your test look soo good!! 13 dpo is darker for sure! So . . . want to see my tests? :D

Sara McLaughlin said...

It is getting darker!! No squinting or breaking apart to look through light about it! ha!
I can't wait to see what your beta looks like! I hope it's way higher, and by the looks of that line it will be!!

LisaL said...

YES! I want to see your tests! Did you get a BFP??? OOOO I wanna seeeeee!

Jen said...

I'm not telling anyone, well accept you :o) So I can't post them on my blog. Can I email them to you?

LisaL said...

Yes email it to me!

YAY! Congrats!!!

Jen said...

You've got mail! :o)

Patty said...

This last test is seriously amazing! Love it! That beta is going to be sky high!!

meggola said...

They're getting darker! Hoping your beta goes well!