Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tests this morning

Still looking good.
I think the FRER looks darker than yesterday's test, but it's still hard to tell if test is darker than control. Oh well. It's still super dark which is a comfort to see.

Only 4 more days of testing w/ FRERs and I swear I'll stop posting pee sticks! lol

Yesterday was the first day I went without pooping. I ate broccoli the day before which is usually a guarante that I'll have diarrhea but nope, nothing. Even just going ONE day is making me feel achy down there.
I did go a little this morning, but whenever I strained any, it made my uterus ache so yeah, I stopped that. If it's going to come, then it's gonna have to without me pushing :P lol
And now that you know all about what's going on with my ass.. lets move on to something else.

Don't think I really have any new symptoms. I don't feel hungrier, not really peeing more, boobs are mildly sore but nothing major... *shrugs*
Just feel normal. BOOOOOOOO lol

Oh I did press on my uterus area when I took a shower this moving. Moved the fat out of the way and pressed gently and it is rock hard down there. Could be b/c of the whole not pooing thing, but it's usually soft so yeah, thought that was interesting.


Jess said...

Lisa a lot of women get constipated due to progesterone, praying it is a sign of a healthy bean! ;-) LOL :-D Praying for you!

socialite_baby said...

Still looking awesome! Hopefully things "break through" later today! ;) I don't know if you eat flaxseed, but that keeps me going for days when I'm on my period and taking narcotics!

juliane2004 said...

I did something in Paint that I think you'll be pleased with. Email me your email address at and I'll send you the photo. From what I did, I can tell the test line is darker.

juliane2004 said...

I just realized I could probably use to post it here:

Anyways, the colors on the right are picked from the colors of the lines. The test line looks darker to me.

juliane2004 said...

**Let me know what you think!

LisaL said...

Just sent you 2 emails :D
Gonna repeat what I sent ya.
Thank you so so much for doing that. Seeing the difference like that really makes me feel better about everything. YAY!

Anonymous said...

WOOT holy dark lines!!!!!! Yeah baby!