Saturday, December 10, 2011


Alrighty... so finally to me, it's obvious that the test line is darker than the control now. YAY!
I know others saw it on my previous tests and did the paint thing to pull and compare the colors (thanks :) ), but this one just looking at it is very obvious which I'm happy about.

Now to the freak out session.....
Shouldn't I have had a better progression than this by now? I know all I do is freak myself out... I'm sure it's tiring to read, hell I'm tired of doing it!

Here's a progression from 15 to 18.

Now I can see that today's test is obviously darker... so I know there's progression there even if the test line on the other tests are darker. More dye/less dye and all that noise.
I dunno... I guess I was just expecting more. Being greedy I guess heh.

UGH I just hope my beta on Monday is ok. I'm so worried that the doubling time dropped majorly or something. I know it can vary, but dernit, I don't want it to! lol

SIGH! I really hope this third beta is great and calms me down b/c yeah... I'm ready to just get excited about this. I'm ready to take down my weight loss ticker and put up a pregnancy one. I want to actually say that I'm pregnant and believe it. Hoping this third beta will help... and REALLY hoping they'll get me in on Friday for an early u/s! I know seeing that it was in the right place would really help.


Kerrik said...

I think your progression looks great.

My recommendation is to stop testing, and just see what happens with the 3rd Beta. Taking these tests each day seems to be making you more and more stressed out, and it is hard when the slight variations in the quality of the tests themselves can cause variations in the darkness of the lines and make you worry unnecessarily.

Wishing you all the best for your next beta, though I'm feeling pretty confident for you :)

socialite_baby said...

They're still looking great! FX for your beta on Monday! :)

meggola said...

I hope your 3rd beta brings you great news and relief on Monday! Congrats on beating the control line!

juliane2004 said...

I am so happy for you! :) It's almost like my own bfp, so I hope you keep posting :)

KatyBug said...

I've been following your journey for the last few weeks (found you on BabyCenter, I believe!) and have had EVERYTHING cross for you. Love seeing those lines get darker!

Congrats and H&H9 to you.