Monday, December 26, 2011

Me? Worry?

What's new....

There's a whole lot of crazy about to be written here.......

So Christmas has come and gone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was good, and then the worry kicked in!
I am really freaking myself out and that can't be good.
I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow and I still have almost no symptoms and think some of them actually faded.
Like my sore bewbs. They were getting worse, but now, not so much. Well actually they are right now when pressed, and I do have them smooshed in to a sports bra so that is probably helping me not to notice, BUT pffft, that's too logical and of course I'm freaking out over when they weren't sore!!

And morning sickness? What's that? I had some moments of slight nausea for a couple of days, and sensitive gag reflex, but that has all but disappeared.
Who the hell knew that someone would want to feel nauseated so damn much??

Oh and the aching I had on my right O that was probably from the cyst I ovulated from? Feels totally fine. Yay right? WRONG!!! It's freaking me out b/c now I'm thinking maybe it dissolved b/c something is wrong and my body decided it didn't need it any longer!
I laid on my right side a lot last night and nothin!
BUT my left side is aching slightly now which has been happening (aches switching sides) for a while now. Does that calm me down any? NOPE. The lack of the right side ache just keeps me worried!!!

I feel like a big bag of crazy right now....

I just wish I felt pregnant so I would stop worrying, although I'm sure I'd find something to stress over.
I know it's still REALLY early still, but that makes me even more nervous b/c so much could go wrong still. I know they say once you see a heartbeat, the chances of miscarriage go down significantly, but yeah, tell that to all of those women that saw a h/b and still ended up m/cing! That's all I can think about! I'm going to be one of the unlucky ones :(

My logical side is trying to calm me down.. telling me it's normal to worry, everything is ok, I'm still having some symptoms, and even if I wasn't, symptoms can come and go, but pfffft, which side do you think I give in to? :P

SIGH! It's so tiring to worry so much. I just hope next Wed comes soon and everything is ok still.
My mom's birthday is the day after and I think I want to tell her then.

Saw her on Christmas and she started going on and on and on about how having animals in the house can cause infertility b/c she read it on the net *insert major eyeroll here*. I couldn't help it, I just laughed.
I wanted to tell her right then and there just to smash that load of BS, but nope.
I also want to tell her for a selfish reason. I know when she finds out, she's going to tell ALL of her friends... friends with A LOT of free shit to give to us! And damnit... I WANTS IT ALL! I know that's so awful and greedy but hey, the less we have to buy the better. Means more money we can save or buy other important things with.

Back to the crazy..... I just hope everything is ok. I can't imagine being in an area where it's normal to wait until week 9 or longer before a doctor even wants to see you or do an ultrasound!!
I don't think I'm going to stop worrying this entire pregnancy. That's normal right? Well... probably normal for most first timers, or women that have struggled or those that have had a loss.


SLESE1014 said...

trust matter what, you'll worry through this whole pregnancy. It will definitely come in waves where you're more worried than other times, but after all we've been through, we don't know any different.

Glad your Christmas was good and keeping my fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday!!

KatyBug said...

OK, that pet thing is crazy!

It's fine to be crazy...I would be if I were you! But I hope you're still trying to find equal time to enjoy it.