Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More stuff

First up, here are some wondfos that I just took.
Now THIS (the OPK) is what I want my FRER to look like tomorrow! lol
The line was already as dark as the control before the dye even finished making it across.

So anxious for this week to go by so Monday will get here. Who the hell wishes for a MONDAY to arrive? :P heh
I think if everything turns out fine on Monday, DH will start getting excited. I know he wants to, but he can't just yet. Hell, neither can I. I think it's obvious that I am excited, but there's still that part of me holding back too.

I'm also so anxious to start telling people. Oh it's not going to happen any time soon for obvious reasons. I think I'm getting excited by it b/c it would mean I was much further along and good chances of everything being ok, ya know?

And to sound like a broken record... yep, still scared. Every bathroom trip I examine my panty liner and the toilet paper. AND I look in to the toilet to make sure nothing is in there either.
Hell, I use the bathroom sometimes when I don't have an urge to go just so I can check.
It's epecially bad around this time b/c the progesterone sup goop is still coming out, but it makes me feel wetter down there like I do before AF arrives. I realize that's what it is, but I still have to check often.

Sigh I hope this paranoia ends soon. I'm sure it will never fully disappear though.

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LisaB said...

Looking great, momma!!! You're going to be a mommy!! So exciting! I'm praying everything continues to go well!!