Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grr, stupid FMU!

Ok, so I woke up at 5am and had to test. I really needed to pee and just couldn't get back to sleep.
FMU was a 4hour hold so pretty darn good.
Well.... FRER line came out faint... REALLY faint.
OMG, my heart sank and I thought it was over before it ever started and felt like kicking myself in the ass for testing so early.

Welp, went in for beta. Used the bathroom there. Went to 2 different walmarts b/c they suck and the first one didn't have any frers....
Finally got home 2hours later, used the bathroom again. It was a 2hr hold and 3MU and yeah, FRER is much darker than this morning's test and I think darker than yesterday's as well.
Also the wondfo hpt is showing a nice pink line now. It's still super faint and doesn't show up in a photo, but it's plain as day IRL.

Yep, I freaked myself out over bad FMU pee. Lesson learned!

I'm just so SO shocked right now. I was shocked yesterday, but I still somehow convinced myself that it could be faulty tests.
And then FMU test this morning didn't help either.
But now.. yeah, there's no denying it.
I just can't believe this is happening.
Really hope that this little bean decides to stick around!


Kristen (SC) said...

YAY! I haven't been on your blog in awhile, and am SUPER psyched that a BFP is the first thing I saw! :-D

Jen said...

Yes I have learned that my FMU stinks and so now I always do SMU! I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU!!

Toni Rapp said...

Stick little bean, stick! Great news and maybe the doctors can do something early this go around to help chances.

Kerrik said...

Fingers crossed for a sticky one!